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At Pure Essentials, your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

We would like to share what some of current customers have to say about our products and services.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Alabata, Pensacola

"A water filtration system is a must for any household. A family member referred us to Evan and after learning more about Pure Essentials reverse osmosis water system there was no hesitation.  This is exactly what we wanted and needed.  My husband is a physician and I am a pharmacist; we believe that the quality of the water we drink and cook with at home is essential to our health.  No more plastic tastes of water stored in a container.  No more heavy lifting of 5 gallon containers of water delivered to our doorstep.  The water that we drink from Pure Essentials is connected to our faucet system and therefore is used on demand, is pure, great tasting and never ending.  Thank you, Evan, for your expert advice, friendly service and professional installation.  We feel fortunate to have discovered this reverse osmosis water system."

Mrs. P. Sanborn, Pensacola

"I fill water bottles with my Pure Essentials water and drink it at work every day. My daughter says, It's my favorite thing in the house! We love it so much we even bought a whole house water system!"

The Powell Family, Pensacola

"We would like to Thank you for installing our reverse osmosis system. We have had the system for over a month now, and have been really pleased with how it is working. The convenience of having fresh water at our disposal has been absolutely wonderful. We love the fact that we do not have to buy bottled water anymore! We also love our new shower faucets and find that they have made a drastic change in how our skin feels. The filtered faucets make our skin feel more smoother, unlike the others that seemed to have a drying effect. Thank you for providing a service to our community to improve health and wellness. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to continued business with you and your company."

Mr. L. Thibodeaux, Pensacola

"Pure Essentials... Because nothing is more important than having a fresh, clean and healthy supply of water.!"

If you are a current customer and would like to leave your own review please contact us with your comments.